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Lera Asher 14.08.2019

How do I set up a KPI?

KPI - Key Performance Indicators - these are the performance indicators of the unit, with the help of which the work done by them is evaluated.


They are introduced in order to compare numerous promotion methods and choose the most suitable specifically for your business. Also, using KPIs, you can determine the effectiveness of the work of marketers, targetologists or salespeople.

If you have your own team, the responsibilities within which are already distributed, then the KPI will help to delineate the area of ​​responsibility of each of its members.


Don't choose profit as your KPI.


Profit is the end result of an activity, which is influenced by several departments and many employees. Each of them has its own area of ​​responsibility, which ultimately leads to the final result - the receipt of that very profit.

KPIs for profit can be set, for example, to a manager, but his subordinates must have their own separate KPIs, for example, for leads, for conversion to sales, etc.

Here are some conditions for effectively delivering KPIs:

KPIs are 100% achievable.

All responsibility for KPIs lies with the employee to whom they are delivered.

KPIs in specific numbers show the employee's performance and, ideally, do not take into account variables that are not fully influenced by the employee.

KPIs are as close to business objectives as possible.