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James Hetfield 26.09.2019

Mistakes in advertising that we most often meet with clients


We chose the most common mistakes and made our TOP-4 rating​


1. The announcement is written in solid text.

That is, no indentation. Such texts are very difficult to read, and the likelihood that someone will get to the end tends to zero. Accordingly, there will be no sales from such a text.

2. Many different links in one ad.

Quite often we come across a situation when in one publication there is a link to a site, to a group, to reviews, to Instagram and to everything, everything, everything that comes to mind. In this case, the purpose of the post is to receive an application from the site. That is, only the site is of interest, and the rest of the unnecessary links simply lead the targeted traffic to some unknown destination.

3. Mess in the advertising office.

The names of advertisements are incomprehensible or absent altogether, the number of applications from advertisements has not been signed, the structure of an advertising campaign is not clear - all this complicates its analysis, which leads to incorrect predictions, and money goes nowhere. That is why order in the advertising office is important.


4. Unverified sites for traffic.
There are situations when a client asks for traffic to the landing page, but it turns out that conversions are zero. Then other tools are used - questionnaires, lead forms, mailings, traffic to group messages, etc. On some projects, you have to test almost all available sites before you achieve the desired result.


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