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Lera Asher 08.07.2019

Why is SMM not working?


To begin with, was there any SMM at all?

Don't forget that SMM is social media marketing. Marketing is key here. Therefore, the rules of the game are the same as in traditional promotion. Therefore, before creating a group, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what all this is for.

Analyze your target audience: age, interests, doubts, fears. Watch what competitors are offering. Find out what is the difference between you. After that, get into the strategy and content plan. All this is very time-consuming work, without the competent organization of which you may not succeed at all.

"Cool" offer

You can consider your offer great, because you are cool, and the price is fully justified. Why bother about interesting promotions and discounts, as competitors do?

Perhaps you are right, but will potential buyers agree with this position? Or a new audience that is not yet familiar with your brand and who will have to prove the advantages of your product over the competition? In such situations, attracting customers with pleasant gifts and interesting promotions will be very useful.


You have decided to change the direction of your business or have created a new product. Maybe they changed the approach. And it didn't. In this case, you need to once again go through the target audience and determine the competitive advantages of your new product. Perhaps such a product needs a different advertising campaign and a new target audience?

Bad landing page

For example, a new user came to your site or a group and did not understand at all where he got to and what you are selling here. In such a situation, you should think about and resolve all the shortcomings before starting an advertising campaign.

Fasting for the sake of fasting

You can't do that! Almost everyone heard about it, but only a few realized it. You should clearly understand the purpose of each of your posts, for example, to generate an active discussion in the comments or attract subscribers. Publications without meaning will not help in any way in promoting and creating an image of your page. Better less, but better quality.


A big and common mistake many companies make is selfishness and ignoring the target audience. “We did it”, “We went”, “We are 10 years old” and everything like that will not help in any way to understand what is in the minds of your subscribers, and will not help in any way in promotion.

Try to find out what your customers care about. Go to the "Discussions" section (we hope you have a topic there where subscribers can ask a question about the product) or ask the audience directly using various questionnaires (such can be created in Google Forms). It is also useful to read the comments: as a rule, this is where people often write about problems. And based on the information you collect, it will be much easier to make quality publications and advertisements.

Please buy!

It's important to understand one simple thing: social media is not an online store. People come here not to buy, but to have a rest. And your job is to sell the product so neatly that they won't notice.

To do this, your community should become a place where people communicate, consult, share experiences and interesting news. Become a friend to them, and then sell. Selling content should account for approximately 20% of all content in the group.



It seems that you are doing everything right: useful and author's publications, reviews, a minimum of articles from the Internet, recipes and cats. But something is still not right.

Reread your publications again. What do they look like? For a friend's story or for a dissertation? If the second, then urgently change the style. Remove three-story sentences and complex words, add humor. And try to always re-read your texts before publishing, preferably out loud. Sentences should be read in one breath without hesitation.

And more often ask yourself the question: Would I read this myself? Yes, answering it is not always pleasant, but, nevertheless, it helps very well to give an objective assessment of your publications.

Sales department

If sales staff take too long to process leads and respond to customers in monosyllables, then, no matter how sad it may sound, advertising campaign money is wasted. Therefore, we advise you to monitor the work of your subordinates.

Bad analytics

Do not measure results with feelings. Track the exact number of applications, calls, drive traffic to groups in social networks through lead forms. This way you will find out where the customer came from and collect their contact details. Also, pay attention to whether your managers are asking how the client found out about you. This will help you find out the source of the advertisement.