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Christian Loffler 16.07.2019

How to prepare for social media promotion?

Take pictures of the product and employees.

Live content is always trending, which is why it comes out unique. A photo session is just what you need. Find cool locations, invite interesting models. You can also introduce potential clients to the place where you work.

Gather information about yourself.

These are photographs, your projects, as well as customer or customer reviews. You can even write the history of the company. All this can be involved in the content and make it even more interesting!

Decide on a goal.

Need followers or sales? Indeed, very often companies are faced with the fact that traffic goes to subscribers, and they are interested in sales. And these are completely different things. That is why it is important to clearly define the goals in the strategy.


Prepare samples of your products.

So the advertising agency will be able to get to know your product live and come up with very interesting ideas for the visual component.


Create a portrait of your target audience.

Either way, you are better aware of your audience than your smm manager. Help him and he can save time on research and start developing content right away.