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Lera Asher 11.01.2023

Benefits of advertising on social networks

Benefits of advertising on social networks

Advertising today is an integral part of every person’s life. No matter how hard he tries, he still won’t be able to avoid advertising banners or advertisements. In the last few years, numerous social networks have been developing very rapidly, and traditional advertising using banners is losing ground to more profitable advertising on social networks.

The main advantages of advertising on social networks

  • This type of advertising is economically beneficial. According to calculations, this advertising costs approximately two times less than banner advertising. Each contact has real value, despite the fact that its price is half that.
  • On a social network, you can ideally select an audience for advertising, because when filling out a profile, users indicate numerous personal data, according to which the advertiser can easily form a target audience.
  • Advertising on social networks allows you to get a quick response/opinion from users, thanks to which the company is able to quickly respond to the current situation. Community advertising does not bother people; it is presented in the form of friendly advice, and this does not cause irritation in a person or the feeling that they are trying to force something on him.
  • The big advantage of advertising through social media is that they are practically independent of the political and economic situation.
  • Advertising on a social network is subject to full reporting. You can easily receive reports on the funds spent and the results achieved. By analyzing the data obtained, you can experiment with advertising in order to find its maximum effectiveness.

It is worth noting that to achieve good results, advertising alone is not enough - comprehensive promotion on social networks is necessary, because they are based on communication, therefore, to attract and retain users, you need both advertising and constant communications, competitive activity and interesting content that will “hide” the commercial focus of your project.