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Lilly Clarks 24.07.2019

One selling post gets a response, while the other goes unnoticed. Why?

1. The text is written in a continuous canvas.

Break the text into small logical parts, otherwise it will be poorly read. They will skip it and stop at more readable ones. Well, as a result, such a post will not sell anything.


2. Everything is good in moderation.

The same goes for emoji. Add, but don't get carried away. You shouldn't replace the word "strawberry" with the appropriate smiley. It is best to use emoji only to separate sentences and enhance images.


3. Start your texts with a striking headline that will be immediately noticed.

Press on a sore subject or ask a question that will make each reader feel that he is being addressed. Try to evoke emotions, and then your text will grab attention.


4. Choose your writing style carefully: it should be close to your main target audience.

For example, the writing style for a wedding salon will differ from the writing style for strollers.


5. What turns a “selling” post into a “non-selling” post?

Its length. The text should not be long, it is more important that it be meaningful. Leave long articles for other post categories.