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Lera Asher 18.06.2019

What is slowing down the growth of Instagram reach?

The main questions related to the service "Instagram" today - "How to increase coverage?" and "What if the coverage has stopped growing?"

Let's take a look at what might be holding back your reach.

Inappropriate subscribers
For example, in the section "My Subscribers" you have a lot of accounts subscribed to 700-1000 people. Such users are unlikely to see your profile, but statistics are spoiled not weakly. Why? Because the Instagram algorithm randomly shows posts to some of your subscribers, and if they like these posts, then the publication rises up the feed for everyone, which gives a large increase in likes. If the algorithm chose accounts with a large number of subscriptions, which, of course, did not react to your publication in any way, then it will remain at the bottom of the feed.

Therefore, we recommend that you set aside one day for a total cleaning of your profile. Feel free to block accounts that do not show any activity on your page.

Same or popular hashtags in every post
If earlier publications with banal hashtags such as # vacation, # sea helped to get likes, now they lower the rating of the publication in the feed, which leads to a decrease in coverage. Take a little more time to come up with fresh, unique hashtags that match your profile's theme, and then your posts will become more visible in the feed.

Cheat bots
Many people know that you cannot add bots to your account. But only a few know why it is impossible. Let's explain.

You have your own net target audience, to which you decided to wind up subscribers. Often these are bots from, for example, Israel. As a result, you see the following picture: Instagram either stops showing your publications altogether (coverage among the target audience, accordingly, decreases), or recommends your account to residents of the same Israel, who are unlikely to fall under your target audience in principle.

Focus only on your target audience. Block online stores or profiles from other countries that unexpectedly follow you. By the way, Instagram doesn't like third-party cheat services, so your profile may just end up in a shadow bath. You will not even understand this, or you will not understand it right away.

Participation in givas
Is it worth reminding that there are almost no quality giveaways now? As a result, subscribers often receive profiles with thousands of subscriptions, which destroy all coverage. Was it worth it?

Finally, I would like to remind you that subscribers come where there is something to subscribe to. Create high-quality and interesting content, stand out! Publications about nothing attract anyone.