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Christian Loffler 03.02.2023

How social networks help business

How can social networks be useful for business? The answer to this question is individual for each individual case, but there are basic parameters that will be relevant for everyone.

Lera Asher 11.01.2023

Benefits of advertising on social networks

Advertising on VKontakte and Facebook is an integral part of social networks. No matter how hard he tries, he still won’t be able to avoid advertising banners or advertisements.

James Hetfield 11.06.2021

Guarantees in search promotion

There is much speculation that website promotion in Google and Yahoo will have the result but no one firmly guarantees this. And what kind of "iron" guarantees can be there?

James Hetfield 15.04.2021

Features of ranking sites in Google

Google and Yahoo search engines that rank resources along with common features, have a number of distinctive features. More about this later.

James Hetfield 11.02.2021

The importance of optimization for website promotion

Search engine optimization means a whole range of works aimed at modernizing the structure of the site and improving usability (convenience for users), optimizing the html code and text content.

James Hetfield 26.09.2019

Mistakes in advertising that we most often meet with clients

We chose the most common mistakes and made our TOP-4 rating

Natalie Cole 04.09.2019

How to find a blogger to advertise?

Advertising from bloggers is a very effective way to promote, but finding them is a headache for Instagram administrators. Let's talk about some of the search methods.

Lera Asher 14.08.2019

How do I set up a KPI?

KPI - Key Performance Indicators. Why are they introduced? How do I set the KPI correctly? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article.

Lilly Clarks 24.07.2019

One selling post gets a response, while the other goes unnoticed. Why?

Have you faced such a situation? If so, here's a quick checklist to help you identify problems and make your writing better.